Safety notes
the advice of mountain guides

Climbers should be in good physical condition and ready to start early.

Mountaineers use the Heini Holzer via ferrata at their own risk. Inadequate training, poor equipment or incorrect use of the equipment may lead to a fall with fatal consequences.

Use all the necessary equipment which conforms to safety standards: climbing harness, climbing gear and helmet. The proper use of the equipment is an essential prerequisite for a safe climb.

The climb is exposed to the southwest. Bring enough to drink. There is no drinking water along the route.

Do not climb when wet or unsafe weather conditions are predicted. The ascent route is extremely exposed to lightning strikes during thunderstorms. Consult the weather forecast before climbing:

The via ferrata is divided into 16 sections. The sections begin with number 1 and end with number 16. This allows climbers to measure their progress by using the numbers. In case of emergency communicate the number of the section you are located in, to the emergency call center (112).

If in doubt about the climb, postpone the tour and enlist assistance from a certified mountain guide (book a guide at the Tourist Office Scena, phone number 0473 945669).

Respect nature and environment! Take your rubbish with you and avoid excessive noise.